observations from my porch…

observations from my porch…

architecture building conifers daylight
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Again out here contemplating all things, looking out on the world (or just the little patch of here), after dinner, chinese take out, sort of a Sunday ritual here in New Jersey, I’m not sure why (convenience I suppose), they screwed up my order and gave me the wrong dish, such things used to really infuriate me – but hey I still got shrimp – either way

Summer, this is a quiet night (not silence, just… quiet), the audio volume of the summer insects seems light (like a gentle hum replacing a boisterous conversation), the usual strangle and yoke of summer humidity is decidedly relaxed, everything just seems… still, you really have to concentrate and stare to see the slightest movements of air in the very tops of the trees just to catch a glimpse, steal a peak, of the slightest breeze, the expected chatter and spunk of my neighborhood birds is quite absent, the occasional chirp here and there, a spare bird sneaks by without sound as if to not disturb this brokered peace

I hear car door shut on the next block but even with the sound it seems to say “I’m sorry”, the last light of day is pulling back, the last soft orange and purple hues illuminating just the clouds in the space of sky just above the treeline, the day’s horizon seems literally to end at the top of my street, because, alas – “perception is reality”, or so I read, in a fortune cookie I think.

add this to my “porch series“… I am trying to sit out on my porch and observe the world as it is.. in front of me… maybe you can feel my eyes, my sight, that is my aim, how can I know anything else?  I truly hope I can paint the picture in my words and ignite your mind.. ambitious, I agree, but something inside of me is telling me to do this… I would hope it is not just DNA or the will to live and pass on same… but I have my doubts… I always have my doubts.

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