A simple thought from a familiar place…

A simple thought from a familiar place…

corn fields under white clouds with blue sky during daytime
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

field” 12.5.2018

oh, she had her days

but those are of far away, now

echoes trailing back revel in children’s laughter

of games, and lemonade, and summer

here she lies, overgrown

an outline of once the home

tucked away in the corner of a misplaced park

more forest than yard

tales are told upon the rust

the creeping vines covers them up

the base lines sleep underneath

now shallow paths of grass barely deep

as trees bear closer

as the times forget

this vessel of once happiness

resplendent in no regrets


somewhere, the spark

the magic that once lit the sky

endless childhood

the innocent times

all still reflected here

in this, abandoned field.

I took the photos what feels like ages ago (here), the words came to me yesterday, well, 2 days ago now that feels like yesterday in my real time. this park is so odd, it is right on a major road with tons of traffic everyday, feet away, a little enclave hidden in plain sight, so strange.

my line of work is so nuts this time of year (12 hour days every day 6 days), i had an install tonight in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, the area has gotten so much nicer just in my short time with my company (15 years), you would think driving home (at this late hour) would be a breeze but of course there was construction in Staten Island and also on the GSP (sigh…), I can’t win sometimes.

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