A simple thought for perspective.

A simple thought for perspective.

light nature sky sunset
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


a lone flower standing

a lone in the field

in autumn, the last of it’s kind

as far as it knows

notes… life is all about perspective. As I have said in the past I do not write haiku (nothing against ya my haiku brothers and sisters) but this was haiku ‘feel’ to me (I have read tons of haiku books personally, I particularly like the death poem genre (jeez that sounds morbid, let me go paint my nails black…)

King’s X – Honesty (acoustic)

This song brings a tear to my eye, I must confess, and what does it matter now, when did it ever matter, how we put stock in what others think, the older I get the more I think… about how wrong I have been, and do not want to be going forward, all we can do is learn.  be well anyone who reads this, and thanks.

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