Just some silliness (can’t we all use a little?)

Just some silliness (can’t we all use a little?)

blur color conceptual cube
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I can be hilarious, witty and completely eye rollingly cornball… this is one of the latter times, I’m off tomorrow for the holiday of course so I just threw this together as a matter of course, of course tomorrow I will be eating courses on my course to food coma nirvana, I love turkey, no, not the country, I love turkey in some unholy fashion, I could eat turkey every living day, is that a bad thing?  Have you ever met a turkey?  They are aggressive at times, they will get you, pac man is modeled after turkey life after all (gobble gobble – see, awful cornball humor oozes from me!).  Anyway, have a good day, and enjoy these lighter pieces where I am not balancing the universe on my syllables and the meaning of life on my parables…

I hate twitter
not enough space for my words

bourbon (I have a habit of posting using bourbon as a foil)

one two
buckle my shoe
three four
why am I on the floor ?

why do I aim at this thing?
the urinal cake
as if there is some prize at stake
competitive streak…
for heaven’s sake
(probably been here too long in this contemplative state)

bourbon served
two ice cubes
two talls down
social lube
so I decide to up my game
but I approach
and forget my name
epic fail
I sit down
and have another round

@ work we try to out cornball each other, and honestly I win most of the time… here is something I thought of this week…

why was the auctioneer so mad?
because everyone was all up in his bid-ness

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