A quick thought/observation…

A quick thought/observation…

pathway surrounded by trees
Photo by Lina Kivaka on Pexels.com


the gathering of leaves, in piles
sculpted by the wind
the original, feng shui

I don’t write haiku, I don’t hate it (I do not like the restrictions), in actual fact I have read tons of haiku over the years, one of my favorite books was a collection of death poems (sort of a sub genre of haiku), but this poem above is my ‘feel’ of haiku, it should have ebb and flow, like a tide, and the tide carries a truth revealed, maybe it is just me, some random nut, but I think not, because I am that random nut, so how could I, perched in this house, perceive that from my perspective, I can only share my interaction and inner tinkering, a beginning to understanding. pass the gravy, let me overdose on turkey and pass out.

And without rebuke… thank you if you read any of this, I do appreciate it, comments are always appreciated, criticism is especially valuable – how can I see my own flaws without you as a mirror ?

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