the simple tradition (weekend post)

the simple tradition (weekend post)

cat lying on cloth
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Surely this is a time to unwind, one of the big American holidays leading (and perhaps the actual door) to winter, christmas and what not around the corner (do I need to be PC and mention every single holiday? nah, not me.), since the weekend is the time to relax, curl up on the couch and watch some TV (like a parade no one really cares about but we watch anyway), I like to post some simply digested pieces (get it, turkey day humor), maybe even just one line thoughts, or orphans as it were… so without further delay (I know, you must be waiting with such baited breath)…

animal bright bunny chamomile
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robins and rabbits

do not seem to mind

each-other’s company

on this little patch of mine

lightning photo
Photo by Johannes Plenio on


can you feel the sky breaking

cracking at the dawn

I can no longer hide my disgrace

within the passing storm

beautiful blue eyes close up dhyamis kleber
Photo by Dhyamis Kleber on


your eyes

are the only ones

I have ever

truly, looked into

heart love sand
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to know her

is a song,

stanzas upon my heart.

for eternity

I knew, right from the start.

these notes

they spare my soul

from the looming dark.


humanity, these days

souls on a billboard

on a road to nowhere

glacier snow mountains sunny
Photo by Markus Spiske on




fraternal twins;


sunlight bathes


light of day;


moonlight owns

the night

in the phases;


the rise on tides

waxes and wane and disappear

crimson high, chasing the dawn of genesis light


eternal dance

partners three

notes… just on the last one, by partners three I was referencing the earth, moon and sun which is what the universe was for those just a few or so hundred years ago, kind of a play on perspective and science (and poor Galileo) , I thought about referring to all celestial movement but since I was being local (in a solar system sense) I thought this was the way to go.  although most of these poems are dated 6 months back (their birth), I did alter them here and there today… maybe I am getting better at that ?  I don’t know, I can only post and hope it connects with you, the reader.  And in this time of thanks, well… thanks.  I am not one to fish for compliments, it may sound arrogant but I don’t care (if you know me in the ‘real’ world as especially my coworkers can attest), I do not do things for others behest, I do them to do them, to do the right thing, which is not always rewarding in the outward sense, but fulfillment should be an inner strength, something that feeds your soul at some level, not some exercise in how many likes I can generate, would that be nice?  I am a realist, and not a bullshit artist, so yeah, sure I look at the likes, but that is exactly the hook I have to avoid… to enjoy the process, it is almost like dangling a shiny thing in front of the real prize, the real prize being real praise and admiration without prostrating myself in front of strangers behind a keyboard (ahem, you, reading this)… in summation I give thanks to whatever is out there, to you, to anyone I connect with, we are here in a blink and it seems that time has gone so fast, maybe I can share my value with my posts and enlighten just a few folks, isn’t that better than most ?

music… when I am contemplative I tend to go ambient (or classical), today I bend ambient…

Tycho – Hours

Tycho rules, he has a pretty high profile and tours often, check out his art as well, I have several of his prints

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