observational, same day

observational, same day

selective focus photography of red leaves
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

I wrote these in the same day, different themes, different emotions, ah, screw it, here they are….

sitting, looking at a tree I planted, now fall” 11.10.2018

the slanted rays of the day reveal

as they pass through

radiant red of my japanese maple’s palms

also reveals

the fissures and cracks

the spectrum

of the collaboration

of this celebration

of death

photo of person holding alarm clock
Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com

daylight savings” 11.10.2018

trying to find that clock

the one with the extra hour

to steal an hour back

the only time that will allow reclamation

anymore than just this spare hour

or the mind will know the trick

notes… my lovely japanese maple is a fraud actually, it is some hybrid, I found out quite by accident, the first winter after the planting we were hit with a vicious storm, to the point where it broke the young tree in half, where as there was once these deep purple leaves of a weeping bow short tree, after the break (I was glad it was not a death blow) an offshoot grew – taller, and with deep crimson fingers, that was many years ago, but it is a great juxtaposition against my native tall maples in my front yard these days, hard to tell when it is really fall until I see this maple wane in the weight of the coming winter, and it is in direct view when I sit on the steps of my porch, obscuring my view with so much rose colored leaf glasses, so that is what I was observing, as I have said, this is haiku to me (feel, not style).

on #2…  sort of folly, a bit of my Twain streak, but also a realization I had, those times we look at clocks and are fooled by those with the incorrect time (as “incorrect” as that can be – does time really care that we peg lines on it?).  We pine for that extra minute in the morning etc.  I wonder if this current stock of youngin’s is as dependent on clocks – sure they look at their phones every 4.29 seconds… but for the clock ?  and watches are mere decoration these days? I wonder what cartier would think… but anyway, I thought it would be fun to illuminate our silly dance with times and clocks… if it succeeds, maybe not. who am I but to share my thoughts, with you.

thanks as always, I am trying to stay in thanks as a state rather than a reaction, this is truly a great world even with all the problems.  to me, to contemplate all the factors that had to happen in the universe just to make this dumb post is just an amazing overwhelming thing… keeping that in perspective… that is another thing.

music… so relaxing ambient (older but relevant imo)

HumanMeshDance – Sunken Garden

I think Taylor Deupree is a genius, he was so far ahead of the game and always looking to change it.  I highly suggest you check out his art.

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