What has happened to the courtesy wave?

What has happened to the courtesy wave?

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Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

Driving a ton, as I do, I commute all over the tri-state area on a weekly basis, I try to be a good (courteous) driver, admittedly I will purposely speed up to block a jerk, sorry, can’t help myself, but mostly I am a good egg, which leads me to this post, to me, as I was raised (or taught I suppose), when someone let’s you in a lane you are pining for in sheer desperation or in an utter sweaty panic (because the other driver surely does not have to defer), you give them the old ‘courtesy wave‘, a simple hand gesture that universally expresses your thanks to the driver now behind that you appreciate the act of kind, certainly this has become a much endangered animal compared to it’s little (but wildly popular) brother, the one finger salute, and I do not want to confuse this with the infuriating ‘hand out the window / flag you down sort of’ gesture, no, I hate that one, the driver lowers down the window and starts to direct you like they are pharaoh and you are building the pyramids, nope, no thank you, take that garbage back to whatever primitive culture you came from, I am talking about genuine courtesy, of course there is this, but …. I just can’t wrap my head around it, a little courtesy, sheesh, why is it so difficult ?

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