a distilled thought…

a distilled thought…

every inch of my body says yes
every instinct of my mind says no
and yet,
there you are…
is this love or addiction?

notes… file this under simplicity posts… mine mostly, driving to work these words just popped into my head (and I had to repeat them over and over to myself until I got to work), I do find I am more inspired… or more prone to write depending on the songs playing, maybe that is why sometimes I feel like I am writing lyrics to a song, sometimes… the muse is fickle, but I am glad I have a ticket for the ride… thanks universe, I owe you one (+1Up sound here)




I smile

This is all about the beat and simplicity of form

1 – 2, 1- 2, (pause) 1

sun – shower – light – rain – (beat – long breath) I smile

so in utter simplicity I tried to achieve depth like haiku impact, that is what came to me in my head, all this when writing this… all this was swirling in my noggin, well, maybe not swirling but actually coalescing… and yes, I meant “light rain” as the sun (light) in showers (rain).. 2 lines of the same but not, it was pouring, I thought/wrote this in the midst that is the nature of a sun shower… the strangeness of the phenomena always makes me smile… comprende ?

your thoughts ? (I mean you did get this far, right?)

T2 … ~u~

T2 … ~u~

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

a cup of tea, for one
just the thought of an actual formal tea set
brings pause, brings calm
but I have never met, such an instance
just on the tele, as they say
the tea-totalers, that is
our neighbors once lords and ladies;
and why do I not think of japan
a barrier of language, perhaps

I was thinking the day was dreary
but I looked up and there is sun
the mix of peppermint and honey on my tongue
is like a sauna, the sun draws out
the steam fills in, I can imagine the release
of water evaporating on the rocks
the audible nature of transformation

I am glad tea is not instant
or at least not mine
directions, steep for awhile
time to contemplate
a pause, a calm

notes… am I drinking more tea these days? well, yes, yes I am, maybe it is a ritual that will keep my head on straight in these crazy days, I have tried talismans of various sorts but right now tea seems to be the brakes I need on speeding forward…