T2 … ~u~

T2 … ~u~

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

a cup of tea, for one
just the thought of an actual formal tea set
brings pause, brings calm
but I have never met, such an instance
just on the tele, as they say
the tea-totalers, that is
our neighbors once lords and ladies;
and why do I not think of japan
a barrier of language, perhaps

I was thinking the day was dreary
but I looked up and there is sun
the mix of peppermint and honey on my tongue
is like a sauna, the sun draws out
the steam fills in, I can imagine the release
of water evaporating on the rocks
the audible nature of transformation

I am glad tea is not instant
or at least not mine
directions, steep for awhile
time to contemplate
a pause, a calm

notes… am I drinking more tea these days? well, yes, yes I am, maybe it is a ritual that will keep my head on straight in these crazy days, I have tried talismans of various sorts but right now tea seems to be the brakes I need on speeding forward…

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