Inspiration from the cosmos…

Inspiration from the cosmos…

afterglow art backlit bokeh
Photo by luizclas on

erudite in the language of the sun
conversations with solar implications
warming rays fade in my waning days
might I stride along your cosmic road
and sit stridently still upon your shore
to witness in glory bathe and full force
waves strip instant of my magnetic core
and for once before my skin burns tender flesh
for the absolute briefest moment might I instead
experience the form that binds and breathes
of all of the universe as neutrinos speed
through – and – passed

notes…  kind of playing around with various concepts, sometimes I just think about things like what it would be like to walk up to the sun to experience the full on force, because I marvel at how the Earth survives in such a harsh environment, if we weren’t exactly X distance (give or take) from the sun, had enough water (comets?), had a strong magnetic field (which creates the aurora borealis) and one huge asteroid decided to land in the Yucatan and wipe out millions of years of dinosaur rule…. that and some sweet lovin’ that went down by my folks and their folks before them before them before them etc…. wow, it is crazy to think about all that had to happen in the universe just for me to be here typing away on my blog… so, yeah, that’s the space I was in writing this… in case you were not wondering… thanks, as usual, comments, likes, spitballs, old tab cans and general flotsam is always appreciated (except for you, the one reading this, I’m kidding of course… or am I? (raised eyebrow provocatively) ) …

music to contemplate the stars… Humanmeshdance – Wet Moon

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