a thought about construction…

a thought about construction…

white electric train
Photo by David Dibert on Pexels.com

a train comes screaming through
the local shop
the tracks rumble
inside my head space
how did I not notice the construction
must have transpired
through the night
when did I become
just part of the line
a place to get on
no longer a destination

notes… this was started/inspired by my daily drive on route 27 in Edison, I saw some construction on the railway line into NYC which is quite popular here, Edison has boomed due to the fact that so many roads and hubs pass through my town… I say my town because I grew up here, I have seen it change and grow immensely, not a bad thing, just a different thing, metropark was once the biggest train station in the state, I bet it still is volume wise, but anyway this poem was in my brain and full of metaphors about change and progress…. with the train station in mind.. or mind…. (and AMTrack is the NJ area service), this is staccato rhyme/rhythm, count the beats…

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