a simple truth…

a simple truth…

northern lights
Photo by stein egil liland on Pexels.com

“each and every step
is a battle
in a fight
in which
will eventually

notes… gravity is the weakest force, think about it… you, a lowly human can lift your feet, you can lift a rock or anything else within reason, but gravity is the epitome of determination, erosion, like death, gravity always wins…

in terms of the poem I was going for staccato form… from the drop of the word ‘step’ it is on a metronome beat.. you can count the beats if you like, one one thousand, two one thousand….  yeah, I think about that stuff sometimes….

musicInterstellar (main theme)

I loved the movie, and one of my big pet peeves about movies is having a memorable theme… this is one of those…

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