sometimes you don’t know where the trigger comes from…

sometimes you don’t know where the trigger comes from…

sea of clouds sunrise wallpaper
Photo by Rahul Pandit on

at this moment
the sun is veiled
behind a mass of pulled cotton
and slowly revealed, in setting
an everlasting bulb,
I might wish
a night wish
to witness
the super nova
that will end all, here at least
for at least
in that end
I will have one more moment
to share with you, my love
before that great end, with you.

notes… I think we all have fantasies about such, maybe not, but probably, or at least us artistic types, or those of us that live in our head, it is probably better to be an automaton, maybe, I vacillate between wanting to be ignorant and the knowing… but I really don’t have a choice anyway, unless someone bashes me in the head with the proverbial frying pan or age robs me of my rapier whit… I just need to breathe in deep and accept everything, not surrender mind you, but just accept things as they are and concentrate on what I actually have control over… and let go of which I do not.

panoramic photo of bushes near pond
Photo by Pixabay on


Opeth – River

talk about evolution, I imagine many fans of this band are like WTF? but… they are so good musically and show it here, I like that they have evolved completely away from the start, static is boring, I hate boring…

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