superstition (and a poem about said subject)

superstition (and a poem about said subject)

black and white cat print textile
Photo by Benjamin Daniel on

I saw a black cat
cross the path
but not the one
in front of me
a side street
still in my view,
but I wonder
I pause,
will my luck
fare just the same

notes… I would love to say I am …so… above the odd superstition, but I would be lying, I try to be logical about it but sometimes that is just a scratch you have to itch, perhaps going to lane 12 instead of 13 for EZ-Pass… guilty ! even though I am not a triskaidekaphobiac (truly one of the greatest words in the english vernacular), so this is really a true story in poem form, just me driving home the other night and out of my right eye I spied a black cat (or did I? hmmm?), and somehow this little troll of suspicion of apprehension… of superstition whispered in my ear…

photo of electric guitar and drum set
Photo by Wendy Wei on

Music… going with a classic here (and sort of obvious!)

Stevie Ray Vaughn – Superstition

Some Housekeeping notes… I updated my Collections & Series page, linking to my Essays and such, so if you think my poems suck (that’s cool) you can skip to what you like (I am damn accommodating). Also I am in full on Game of Thrones mode on my media page, I tend to write copiously when I am passionate about things.  Plus I will review movies/shows you probably never heard of.  I have diverse tastes to say the least.  So shameless plug #2 (media page!!!).  and for the hell of it… more SRV, damn he made that guitar sing, I hope to pull up a chair at his table and have a drink with him when this is all done.

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