autumn drive by 7/5/7

autumn drive by 7/5/7

wildflowers stand in the rain
colors are striking
autumn, before leaves are none

notes: alternate haiku form here… came to me driving around today, yes, there are literal wildflower fields on the sides of the highways here these days (see : this), I saw a patch, and these words popped into my head as is (a splash of color on a dreary wind driven rain day), I have often just wanted to pull over, pull a selfie diving into such fields… but they never come out as you think they should, the hills are not alive with the sound of music, just people laughing at my epic fails falling into such scenery… so maybe I revealed too much…

View from the porch (on going series)

View from the porch (on going series)

(my ongoing thoughts free-form (trickle of consciousness or better) and naught, I sit on my front porch and just breath words into the page, hopefully)…

gray dove perching on tree branch
Photo by Magda Ehlers on

the gentle but solitary coo
of the mourning dove
the last ten top feet of copper fading
atop the highest trees
three quarters full day moon above
artfully placed against the blue
even surface features visible to this naked eye,
and onward the call
woo-ah, coo… coo… coo
woo-ah, coo… coo… coo
robin’s still bickering, over this lullaby
a jack’s seasoned camo so sublime
even a good size one nearly escapes my view
a bird of prey enters the scene across the street
I carefully stride forward, closer
to identify and get a clean look
with a great whoosh down in flight
crossing my eyes
a falcon’s unmistakable lines
for a moment all other sounds
commit to silence
I was not the only one
paying attention.

abstract black and white blur book
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notes… wrote this sunday night (I thought my post sunday made more sense to post with the St Patty’s theme, call me pandering, I agree), I have some crummy photos of the falcon from my phone, which sucks because I had it framed against the day moon, a huge bird of prey sitting on a perch in my backyard under a day moon… damn I suck, lesson learned, I will bring my SLR out more when I write… but it is so apparent the world is ready to bloom, to explode, I can feel the feeling building each time I go out and listen, spring is ready to break through the not so perma frost, I can feel it.

MUSIC, as always my friends I love to infuse you with my musical madness…

Tori Amos – Marianne (live in NYC 1997)

And… to be fair, I was at this show, I have seen many shows in my day (thousands), and I am a total metal head… but this… this… she owned everything from the material, the performance and the crowd…. this was a special night, thank you Tori for all…

empowerment, truth.

empowerment, truth.

afterglow avian backlit birds
Photo by luizclas on

huntress” 6.28.2018

diamonds like daggers

adorn around her form-

she scans the room

prodding, invading

with a mask of guile

throwing around

intoxicating smiles

they do not stand a chance

unwittingly lining up

to be picked up

like fruit from a tree

to which to whet her appetite

to which delight

and all in the while

they pretend

they have some measure

of control

when there is no doubt

she has it all

not even a game

not even remotely fair

just a moment

before she springs

her snare

and suffocates

the coils wrap

she takes the air

and all she wants

she simply, casually – takes.

Notes… am I past the swoon of a beautiful woman?  sure, I could try and be cool smooth internet guy and lie that I have not been led by my eyes (or something else residing lower).  But as you get older (hopefully) wiser… you realize (hopefully) that there is beauty in so many places other than obvious pleasing visions.  Beauty is nice, it is a lovely component but it certainly does not mean a person is better… and it is all relative. Which would you rather have .. beauty or happiness ?

Music.. I can’t even put into words, how much I love this…  Tori, she is just brilliant… and live a revelation…

Tori Amos – Upside Down (live)

Still gives me the chills after all these years.  true art my friends.