empowerment, truth.

empowerment, truth.

afterglow avian backlit birds
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

huntress” 6.28.2018

diamonds like daggers

adorn around her form-

she scans the room

prodding, invading

with a mask of guile

throwing around

intoxicating smiles

they do not stand a chance

unwittingly lining up

to be picked up

like fruit from a tree

to which to whet her appetite

to which delight

and all in the while

they pretend

they have some measure

of control

when there is no doubt

she has it all

not even a game

not even remotely fair

just a moment

before she springs

her snare

and suffocates

the coils wrap

she takes the air

and all she wants

she simply, casually – takes.

Notes… am I past the swoon of a beautiful woman?  sure, I could try and be cool smooth internet guy and lie that I have not been led by my eyes (or something else residing lower).  But as you get older (hopefully) wiser… you realize (hopefully) that there is beauty in so many places other than obvious pleasing visions.  Beauty is nice, it is a lovely component but it certainly does not mean a person is better… and it is all relative. Which would you rather have .. beauty or happiness ?

Music.. I can’t even put into words, how much I love this…  Tori, she is just brilliant… and live a revelation…

Tori Amos – Upside Down (live)

Still gives me the chills after all these years.  true art my friends.

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