Find beauty… everywhere, stop, look – do it.

Find beauty… everywhere, stop, look – do it.

gray wooden bridge
Photo by Ketan Kumawat on


finding beauty, wherever you may go”

I don’t quite live in the city. I don’t quite live in suburbia. I exist somewhere in between. I pass by lots of concrete but also lots of leaves (this time of year, at least). Back to my point, my thrust… You should find beauty, wherever you may go.

A speck, something to upturn the day. A face – in a cloud, A face – in a crowd. A child’s smile, a child’s laugh, a child crying. Often if I hear a child crying I will smile (wait… hear me out)… For I was once that child, it is the purest sound, of life. For I was a child once, not so long ago (at least in cosmic time). Crying over something simple but we are just larger children now, worrying about larger things. But what is the difference between a switch of licorice and a mortgage ?

I saw a stream by the roadside. I should have stopped when spontaneity threw it’s hook out. I should have pulled over. But I did not. But I should. To find beauty in a moment. I truly should… endeavor to find beauty, wherever I may go.

Notes… I have posted some photos recently on this blog (you probably noticed)… I am literally trying the above, but not just photos… with my words, we will see how it goes, I want to focus on life… because I am alive now!  we all feel immortal, until…

Musical selection ?  here is how huge a geek I am…

Lindsey Stirling – Zelda Medley

I can not tell you what a dopey smile that brings to my face… the hours playing that utterly iconic game… but check out her other stuff, awesomely talented player … and she covers all sorts of the geek realms..

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