7 days.
I wish I could conjure my every whim but would then boredom set in – after a time I surmise, would I want a clear blue sky every day? or would I miss the rain? how many blazing beach sun days in a row could I go? or would I miss the snow, the enviable snuggle of an old quilt and hot cocoa? would the tree leaves forever be green, I would leave some evergreen but would trigger a fall into colors that match the dawn, and then perhaps to see those branches bare, to see buds appear and grow into all fair shades of green again, and some days I might like to lie in-between the snow and sun, a harvest moon’s mission or the blooming march of tulips across the lawn, maybe I might even miss the roar of a thunder shower with powerful drops parading on the roof, drains over pouring like personal waterfalls, new rivers coursing through the streets, washing away the sweat and grime of the modern pavement mongers, temporary public pools with no dues forming for all the not so wildlife that calls my near home home, bird-s a bath, doe-s a nose, might I think to cycle through these things in some semblance of order, to create some semblance of order, some semblance of anticipation, some semblance of wonder – and create…

notes… if you might imagine… if you could imagine everything you wanted… all the time… where would that road take you?

a prayer for the time of my dying…

a prayer for the time of my dying…

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for into the arms of god go I
divine guided path
with a fulfilled heart
and calm mind,
for into the bosom of god am I
for my ego shall fade
to rest
as I have arrived home
for all time.

notes… am I not dying anytime soon (I hope) but if I do I hope for more, I am not religious, I do not prescribe to any particular belief, and I do not have any angst against those that do, I have to believe something else is out there, our life on this world is truly a miracle, it could all be random and what not, I accept that, but I hope for more, I yearn for more, and if I am wrong ? I will never know anyway, so I plant my flag in the camp of hope on that end, and may I see those I love once again… somewhere, someway, maybe in a dream that is a parallel reality…

Always the sky inspires…

Always the sky inspires…

atmosphere blue sky clouds cloudscape
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sky draft
the sky is a story, right now
a beginning, and an end
the script reads left to right
I can not say what language this is
but the design, I recognize
over there is the fight scene
or the love scene
hard to tell, at times,
a dark cloud brooding
about halfway through
skip ahead
a bulb laid on blue
some pages appear blank
perhaps a spot for improvisation
weather or not
the story holds
or is being written
with an unseen pen
changing, shifting
but always a beginning,
always an end.

notes… we all look up (every version of humanity has), I wonder for many reasons, the fact that our sky is actually so thin and is all that separates us from what ancients used to call heaven, a little layer of air is all the separates us from space, and suffocation, and all that happens in that little layer is amazing, a whole system of intertwined water vapor, truly a wonder as it swirls asunder and not so much under, swirling clouds of water vapor, patterns in the sky, braille for the gods I suppose or just those that can fly above…

music… let me introduce you to another genre…electronic, more upbeat than ambient but still… chill… enjoy…


US (ultimate simplicity)

US (ultimate simplicity)

person sky silhouette night
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“slant rhyme”



note… let me know if you get it (or how you get it), or if you read it different than how I wrote it, I am not you, I can’t be (that would be weird… c’mon now you are creeping me out), but I am curious how other people read this.  there is a bunch of ways, is this a statement ? or a question ? or both…

Thoughts and cinnamon buns are appreciated. As well as follows (just not around my neighborhood, I would have to call the local authorities…)

Weekends for simplicity (god forbid I follow that with this post for the most, part)…

Weekends for simplicity (god forbid I follow that with this post for the most, part)…

Should be a bumper sticker on my car… I have a hard time believing how fast the weather has turned here, fall is in full flush, there are pockets of old humidity still trying to live it up like 20 year olds, but for sure the cooler breeze, the hint of winter is surely taking charge, and this too will be fleeting, soon we will have all that snow and sleeting (yech), all the things that make driving to work such a … ahem.. “pleasure”… but gladly I have a USB drive in the car and lots of tunes to tune out the world (hopefully).  There is definite mental preparation/effort to stay grounded and happy when it takes a hour and a half to go 26 miles every morning, which makes me understand religious symbols that people wear (reminders in form)… I used to scoff at such things (I was one of those snarky atheists that thought religious people were too stupid for the room, how could they believe in the little man in the sky ruling over their lives?)   I have since become more understanding, I certainly do not believe in the traditional form of god but also realize that I am just some average (ok, above average, wink) guy from the great state of New Jersey.. so what the hell do I know?  God could be Jesus, God could be a cow in Wisconsin named Phil or God could be a piece of our DNA… who’s to say or judge ?  I don’t have the answers so I can not put myself above anyone just because I do not see what they believe.  Not sure why I swerved into that tangent, I tend to go where my mind goes, the muse steers and I try to hold on for this… dear life…  with that said… here is some simpler ideas I wrote, like I have said before, they ain’t all masterpieces… more pieces of time, or captures of a thought… and that s how my art works, I try to be immediate and visceral – do I fail?  yep.  but hopefully something connects with you, the reader, and I thank you if you read any of this, it is a privilege to have a platform to share my little sense of identity for others to gawk at.

“love, unspoken” 4/29/18

my greatest sin, was to not speak the words

that spoke with, all I ever did

or so I thought.

forgive me, for I was wrong

forgive. this curse upon my soul

agony – the inescapable black hole gravity of

my love, for you


all that I see, will it cease to be

when I cease

to be

why god, this planet

this planet among all the cosmos

what most will I miss

the kiss of the one I love

a song

a face

the warmth of the sun

I wonder


I write this

in tribute to you

for what you gifted

to which I ruined

my eternal love

my eternal flame -dims

as we travel through the same

my eternal loss


but I remain, without, you

ingredient” 6.27.2018

I am the spice, into

the recipe of life

mixed with yours

the culinary delight

of your soul.

music?  how could I go this long without pushing the hartnoll brothers !

Orbital – Are We Here ?

this album was… so transcendent… they were pioneers who do not get nearly the credit they should, electronic, drum n bass beats, amazing vocals (when they brought people in like this one)… if this song doesn’t make you groove, well… get out of my house because it will be hard to be on the same plain and explain to you how awesome this is…

Orbital – Halcycon

(an earlier more techno oriented track but still awesome awesome awesome!)