Hendrix Experience Tour tonight (well, technically last night now)

Hendrix Experience Tour tonight (well, technically last night now)

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Still vibrating in place after the show tonight, two of my absolute favorite musicians on the planet in the same night ?!??! man o man, Eric Johnson is just the goods, so smooth and unique, he makes it all look so easy, what a treat to see every single time, the friend I brought with agreed (she had never heard of him… I may have influenced her slightly!!).  Dweezil Zappa was a nice surprise, dude can play, wild to see the older players – Billy Cox (long time friend/player with Jimi), Taj Mahal (damn he rules, more people have heard of BB King but trust me, Taj is the real deal), and the Slide Brothers (Zira had no idea what a lap guitar is… do you?), anyway they cut into some old blues with that lineup (catfish blues… hello!!??), awesome, awesome (did I mention awesome?).

So Doug Pinnick walks out on stage, something I have seen a thousand times over the years… but not in an environment like this (outside of Woodstock 94), his age… jeez, the guy has always been in insane shape all these years, he still looks the same to me all these years and tours later, I stood for his entire set, I didn’t want to miss a minute or a moment.  I recognize a lot of the moves, the deliberate bass strikes and posing… and timing of riffs I have seen so many times before, but he is playing with Satriani and Aronoff… to me he is the show, the vocals, the presence, he is it all, it is all like I remember.  The bass was pretty damn loud and low, almost too much, and hell he really didn’t get to show off his voice like he can (which would have brought down the house imo)… maybe he can’t hit those notes anymore, there were moments though, that reminded me, of me, of my life a decade ago, following King’s X around the south from Florida to the Carolinas, he shook some hands afterwards, I stayed back in my row, happy to just feel something familiar again, it has faded as of this post, but not completely, maybe I am making my way back, slowly.

I am posting videos on my Youtube account the next couple o’ days…

nothing profound, just me.

nothing profound, just me.

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to be, without” 4/24/18

what will be

when I walk into that last breath

that last beat

of my heart

as my eyes dim to the ever dark

will you be there

to save me

and reclaim me yours,

will I know your warmth

your calm

your gentle touch

as I pass into eternity

with your love.

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Sometimes I am just me, thinking about my failures, trying to be a better person, not some avatar for hopes and dreams, we all are peaks and valleys… even when we wish to be mountains observing it all… I want to be a mountain, but maybe that is why mountains are in a range, there is more, than just… one.


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musical thoughts… I was listening to the blues for most of the day, specifically BB King, I can not tell you why, just was in the mood, maybe the rain on my roof… not sure, I didn’t pick up one of my own guitars, I was letting others speak to me, so far…

BB King, You Know I Love You

and I hope she does, that’s all.

fallen angels.

fallen angels.

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fallen” 6.14.18

so I know how they felt

the angels that fell

eternal cries

of pain

separated from your love



cast into a dessert fire

sweltering heat

never ending sun

my skin boils

cooked to the bone

but this –

surface agony

compared to the realization

is nothing

the separation

the fall

for all eternity

Notes… I’m not religious (and hold no ire for those who are, more on that some other time as I have a bunch to unload on that topic) but you would have to admit (if you love a good story) that the bible certainly has some great writing in parts (other parts of the bible are just instructional and clearly written by clergy with a mission imo… I’m talking the sodom and gomorrah type of stuff here people!).

Specifically in this case, I love the play of free will vs. obedience to god… sort of a conundrum (if you have free will… won’t god know your choices anyway etc?), but also the fall… knowing you made the wrong choice and now you are confined to hell (figuratively) due to your own actions.  Now I am not claiming to be lucifer (the rebel leader)… more or less a lesser angel without that much pride to take on the big honcho in the sky but caught up in the moment… these are all the ingredients baking the cake in my head on this one… not sure if I conveyed it all in the poem, hey, I’m just a guy with a blog, cut me some slack jack.

Tunes… time for some blues, I got those lost woman blues, the I ruined the greatest thing I will ever know blues, I didn’t lose her – I screwed it up, so all I have now is me and my guitar.  Gary Moore “There’s a Hole”