nothing profound, just me.

nothing profound, just me.

backlit birds bright cloud
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to be, without” 4/24/18

what will be

when I walk into that last breath

that last beat

of my heart

as my eyes dim to the ever dark

will you be there

to save me

and reclaim me yours,

will I know your warmth

your calm

your gentle touch

as I pass into eternity

with your love.

pen writing notes studying
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Sometimes I am just me, thinking about my failures, trying to be a better person, not some avatar for hopes and dreams, we all are peaks and valleys… even when we wish to be mountains observing it all… I want to be a mountain, but maybe that is why mountains are in a range, there is more, than just… one.


black record vinyl
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musical thoughts… I was listening to the blues for most of the day, specifically BB King, I can not tell you why, just was in the mood, maybe the rain on my roof… not sure, I didn’t pick up one of my own guitars, I was letting others speak to me, so far…

BB King, You Know I Love You

and I hope she does, that’s all.

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