Inspiration is baffling.

Inspiration is baffling.


So I was off today and I ventured down to my usual haunt, what I like to do in my free time (as little of it as there is when you work 6 days a week solid), Big Brook Park NJ to literally dig for fossils in a stream (well… a brook, but what’s the difference really), we have had some constant rain this season, not unheralded or unprecedented.. just pain-in-the-ass-ed, meaning it has been a good month since I was able to get out into my little nature spot and sow my wild oats (recharge the old battery by getting away from the everyday grind of work/life), it was not a particularly nice day but the rain held and I was able to be out among the wild, I even spotted a great blue heron (huge bird!) but did not manage to capture a photo of same (my bad), but man.. the wingspan of that thing is impressive, however it was quite skittish (and not photogenic apparently or it just didn’t like me, must not be a fan of this blog…), so you would think being in the middle of nature would trigger some inspiration ?  nah… something popped in my head on the ride home, so as usual I was in the dim confines of a GSP rest area creating lines… ah, inspiration, you have a sense of humor second to none…

spun” 8.20.2018

nefarious tongues weave insidious lies

naive babes on their backs


on a bed of knives


a cocoon of your death

the red hourglass

dangles, over your head

all in this late hour

your life is spent

petty change

not even a coin

for a river ride

you have been dealt

your fate.

Just wrote this now… speaking of inspiration…


I am 45

so, I am 45

but I am really not

I spent 9 months in my mother’s womb

a mother I do not know

I have spoken in the past how I am adopted, I can not explain how these words came to me, they just did, I have never cared about my birth mother, ever, I still don’t but these words came just the same…

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