lost. love. letters.

lost. love. letters.

sand field
Photo by Oday Hazeem on Pexels.com

I have lost her

I am the saint to my sins
the almighty absolver
unable to bend the knee
and forgive
for penance does not placate the past
nor clear the tomes, so written

let the sky fall
let the stars drop
down up from the heaven
break onto the ground
for, I have lost her

let my blood dry in a dead river bed
let my last breath escape
prepare my soul for departure
for, I have lost her

with such clarity
after all this wandering
a clutched mirage
might I lay down and rest now
let my mind release
for, I have lost her

note…. my weekly nod to the romantic side, a side that has been waning but is always hopeful

music… King’s X – Goldilox (a lost 80s rock ballad but some get it… have you ever seen an audience sing the whole song?  and this is what it is like at a KX concert over the years)

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