Anthropomorphism… (surely a fancy word)

Anthropomorphism… (surely a fancy word)

zoo bear
Photo by Rasmus Svinding on

12.18.18 “hyber”

might I become a bear

and sleep the winter long

in a cubby-hole

turning off the world,

and dream perpetual

of the coming spring

for the awakening

that will be to come

Anthropomorphism… ah, some days it is good to be a word nerd, I was an English major back in the day @ Rutgers (color you surprised) who wound up as an IT tech these days, Rutgers was a good time, the grease trucks were near frat row, the fat cat was the only ‘fat’ sandwich (the category is quite cluttered now, call me a purist), Mr. C’s was parked right in front of Tinsley Hall (I was there when it blew up, quite literally which was the beginning of the end of the truck freedom – way ahead of the country in terms of food trucks by the way, we are talking early 90’s), our football team sucked, our soccer team was boss (we had Alexi Lalas when I was there but no one cared (the crowd was dozens)… and man those soccer players were nuts, oh the parties, off frat row in that one house), damn, how I get off track, I will one of these days put all my anthropomorphic poems in one spot, it is something I like to do writing wise or as an exercise, I like it to flex the mind, we can never be truly something else than anything we actually are, we can pretend however.

King’s X – Pretend (just listen to that bass, that tone, that voice)

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