just a little site house cleaning…

just a little site house cleaning…

person wearing pair of yellow rubber gloves
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I cleaned up (updated) the Collections and Series page a little, it needs some more work… I know.  But I like to organize things so, give me  a moment or some and I will (still finding my way on this blog thing)…

and as always thanks for reading any of my nonsense, it is appreciated.  Any suggestions or criticism is always welcome, I might blow you off, but hey, this is my thing after all (wink).

music... just cause it is what I have been listening to lately, a bit of a throwback, a band that certainly made it huge but like many artistic endeavors was cut short…

Alice in Chains – Dam That River

Alice in Chains – Angry Chair

and not to be remiss I also review movies and such…

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