death is rarely pretty…

death is rarely pretty…

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Life is a battle, one we all lose, but we MUST fight!

Generally speaking I am an optimist, but I am also a realist, and a skeptic (boy I sound like a pain in the ass).  Death is usually not gently slipping into the ever-after in your sleep, rarely.  How many of us have this belief? or is it a distraction for what we really know deep down as truth?  I have been lucky (some may say blessed, that’s fine with me) that I have had very little death in my family, at least those close to me.  But as all things are, things end and I sense a wave of coming (unfortunately a whole generation).  We may not want to see what that looks like, restraints, screams, bodily functions, the knowing the end is there but the days must be the days in hospital watch, the pulling out of tubes, the curses, the fever, the thrashing of anger as life escapes bodily form – and reason flies out the door, surely – not the dream of dying in our sleep. But this is what makes us most human.  What we do with these things, these situations.  We are given a choice.  We can delve down and be drowned in the specter of death (and succumb ourselves)… or live, holding up the full sword of life, because we may not know what death brings (a true end?) but we do know one thing… life. we are alive now, there is nothing more certain than that, and in that I put my faith… to fight some more, for those I love, and for myself.


Testament – Musical Death (A Dirge)

overlooked by the mainstream and even the rehash metal movement that embraces Metallica etc these days, this is a beautiful piece from years ago, it tempered the thrash fury of an album but also informed some souls… like mine.

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