From the porch…

From the porch…

brown spiral staircase
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(continued series, tonight’s entry is more free form)

12.2.2018 “cliche”

I could say it is a cold and rainy night, ah, that old cliche, but that is not this night, surely it is rainy, but an aberration for the season has swung the thermostat north of the usual, especially for residing inside of december, it made me wonder about cliches, sure, they exist, but then I thought about DNA, how it persists to change and combine in ways that produce a bloom of humanity composed of both chemistry and mathematics, that results in all the love and hate we might see in our lives (and all else), this little biological spark, a moment, the spark of life they say, a cliche, but in that so common of happenings, certainly all of our own beginnings, lays the vastness of miracles (or the amazing one that allows you to read this), the chance of being, of being, you… or me, or some guy named ralph in ohio, or even a grasshopper on the savannas of africa, the line is razor thin, a cliche, but touche there is truth in there, let not cliche dull your sense of the extraordinary circumstance that you are certainly alive, out of all the concoctions and combinations of the universe that had to be, all the stars that had to align (a cliche), we have, you.

notes… I was actually reluctant tonight, it is strange how inspiration works, I can not say I am in complete control, I wrote this all in one shot, a rambling, a gathering of ideas, if you are moved at all, thank you, this comes from the heart, which I am trying to recover.

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