sometimes, there is reflection…

sometimes, there is reflection…

blue black and white furred bird on brown dry soil
Photo by Pixabay on

barren” 6.1.18

never healed.

rolling hills of molten glass

ashen sky labors in breath

light – fades into red

shrouds this living death


once these were fields

brim with hope

fallow burning

burning down

long ago

lash winds strips

with hollow sound

across the face of these ash laced mounds


there is no one to see

no other around

no mirror

just scarred barren ground

I lay down

I lay down,


within dreamless sleep

lies sleepless dreams

notes… sometimes life is not all puppies and unicorns, I am human after all, I try to always look on the bright side, but sometimes night happens. (and yes i wrote this in June, I don’t always post as I write, sometimes I wait for a moment that is right, for me)

music… “For My Fallen Angel” (just listen)

as always, thank you for your time in reading my little blog, even if I reach but one my job is done.

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