Your consciousness, forever, just 9 easy payments of $19.95, act now and we’ll double the offer!

Your consciousness, forever, just 9 easy payments of $19.95, act now and we’ll double the offer!

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welcome, dear traveler, to a not so distant year, let’s be arbitrary, since I can’t be proven wrong (unless Doc Brown materializes somehow), let’s say 2050 (closer than you may think in a blink), given the commercialization of space what will be the cost of freight ? the freight of… you? firstly there will be your DNA and maybe a bio page or two (perhaps some personal memento or two), shot out into the cosmos like so much a life(less) raft into an ocean vast(er) than we know, imagine your DNA blasted off into the cosmos and found in four million or 40 million years from now, and the technology exists to make a new you, beats the alternative, as they say, but we know people will not stop there, our DNA will be littering the universe I bet (perhaps that is how we got here on Earth in the first place in some form), like all things our appetites grow and the quest for the ever-life will vex all generations forward as it has all those past, a question of the matter becomes a matter of when in terms of mapping out the electrical patterns of our brains, especially with quantum computing flying ahead at such a breakneck pace, so questions about humanity will ultimately rise,  will humans be humans without the physical interface?

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Non physical consciousness will allow us to venture into all manners of space (and the very depths of our own planet, imagine a vacation into an actual volcano, why not? or a little skinny dip in the mariana trench),  population control will not be an issue per se in this maybe brave new world, your apartment will be your location on a memory chip, your choice of neighborhood might depend on how close you are to one of the core CPUs or a power supply nexus, at that point will we have evolved into AI, of ourselves? will hacking become a form of murder? even if you are just turning off a switch or pulling a plug, and who is left in charge, on the outside, the “fleshers”? the “living”, the “pre-comp”s  as it were…  What will social interaction be like when you have no form, will avatars be your body?  and gender? there will not be any, or well, it won’t be needed, and would people choose to “die” early to transfer into the compu-realm, what if your soulmate dies, do you follow?  Will there be people who fall in love with someone who has been “alive” for 400 years and decide to “transmute” into the digital? I really wonder how far away we are from such things, I bet we are much closer than we think…

and the whole crux of this thought was cheesy infomercials, because even something lofty will eventually be sold for “X” number of installments @ $19.95 (call now, the first 100 callers get a free slap chop and shamwow millennium edition)… but no one touches the king

notes… yeah, I think about a mash up of stuff all the time, maybe my day consists of classical poetry, string theory and some quantum mechanics…. man can not live on verse alone.. that’s a pretty good tag line… maybe I could use that on a blog or something… hmmm…

music, going cosmic ambient because that is what fits….

>>>> Stellardrone – Invent the Universe

as we are inventing it right now as we go… thanks for the read, pull up a chair and check out all the other jazz I am up to

From the porch…

From the porch…

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(continued series, tonight’s entry is more free form)

12.2.2018 “cliche”

I could say it is a cold and rainy night, ah, that old cliche, but that is not this night, surely it is rainy, but an aberration for the season has swung the thermostat north of the usual, especially for residing inside of december, it made me wonder about cliches, sure, they exist, but then I thought about DNA, how it persists to change and combine in ways that produce a bloom of humanity composed of both chemistry and mathematics, that results in all the love and hate we might see in our lives (and all else), this little biological spark, a moment, the spark of life they say, a cliche, but in that so common of happenings, certainly all of our own beginnings, lays the vastness of miracles (or the amazing one that allows you to read this), the chance of being, of being, you… or me, or some guy named ralph in ohio, or even a grasshopper on the savannas of africa, the line is razor thin, a cliche, but touche there is truth in there, let not cliche dull your sense of the extraordinary circumstance that you are certainly alive, out of all the concoctions and combinations of the universe that had to be, all the stars that had to align (a cliche), we have, you.

notes… I was actually reluctant tonight, it is strange how inspiration works, I can not say I am in complete control, I wrote this all in one shot, a rambling, a gathering of ideas, if you are moved at all, thank you, this comes from the heart, which I am trying to recover.

The infinite universe of the recipe of individuals…

The infinite universe of the recipe of individuals…

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Think about it.  No, REALLY think about it.  Every person you run into (ouch) or meet is a complete happenstance of a confluence of a great everything, a mass of variables so vast as to ache even the most agile human mind – the time you are born, when, where, how, parents, grandparents, that great great great great aunt that crossed some river for a flower way back when, all of these possibilities became you… or someone, there will never be anything the same as you @ this exact moment, or the next, think about that the next time you get mad… can you possibly know everything that baked the cake you are mad at ?

so on that subject… I wrote this @ my desk today, it was something bouncing around my head for a few days now, mostly I need to be (or am) immediate or I lose the lines, this one flowed out without doubt at my lovely inspiring cubicle…

thoughts and comments (on anything) are appreciated as are million dollar donations as alas.. I did not win the powerball drawing the other night (I was so damn sure too…), anyhoo… this blog is my thoughts (all this verbose blathering) and poetry, so onto that part of the exercise…

the bridge 10.24.2018

there is a man crossing

the bridge, across the road

I am driving on

I do not know

his destination

merely the other side

I assume,

a moving snapshot, a video clip

of memory now

so much in a time stamp

a story untold

or what I may imagine

a life, an entire life

there in a moving picture

an entire existence

passed on by

on a bridge

across the road

I was driving by.

Music ?  sure, being I am a creature of the habit note…

Eric Gales – Don’t Fear the Reaper (B.O.C. cover)

Eric was lauded as a kid as being a guitar prodigy but got sort of forgotten for some years.  I first got into him in 1993… and he is making a real name for himself now (rightfully so).  He is right handed but plays upside down left handed (that is just the way he learned so it is natural to him).   Great player, check him out if you get the chance.