The infinite universe of the recipe of individuals…

The infinite universe of the recipe of individuals…

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Think about it.  No, REALLY think about it.  Every person you run into (ouch) or meet is a complete happenstance of a confluence of a great everything, a mass of variables so vast as to ache even the most agile human mind – the time you are born, when, where, how, parents, grandparents, that great great great great aunt that crossed some river for a flower way back when, all of these possibilities became you… or someone, there will never be anything the same as you @ this exact moment, or the next, think about that the next time you get mad… can you possibly know everything that baked the cake you are mad at ?

so on that subject… I wrote this @ my desk today, it was something bouncing around my head for a few days now, mostly I need to be (or am) immediate or I lose the lines, this one flowed out without doubt at my lovely inspiring cubicle…

thoughts and comments (on anything) are appreciated as are million dollar donations as alas.. I did not win the powerball drawing the other night (I was so damn sure too…), anyhoo… this blog is my thoughts (all this verbose blathering) and poetry, so onto that part of the exercise…

the bridge 10.24.2018

there is a man crossing

the bridge, across the road

I am driving on

I do not know

his destination

merely the other side

I assume,

a moving snapshot, a video clip

of memory now

so much in a time stamp

a story untold

or what I may imagine

a life, an entire life

there in a moving picture

an entire existence

passed on by

on a bridge

across the road

I was driving by.

Music ?  sure, being I am a creature of the habit note…

Eric Gales – Don’t Fear the Reaper (B.O.C. cover)

Eric was lauded as a kid as being a guitar prodigy but got sort of forgotten for some years.  I first got into him in 1993… and he is making a real name for himself now (rightfully so).  He is right handed but plays upside down left handed (that is just the way he learned so it is natural to him).   Great player, check him out if you get the chance.

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