Imagine witnessing the birth of the stars…

Imagine witnessing the birth of the stars…

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Ever have the thought, or the question, if you had the choice, would you rather see the end of the universe … or the beginning ? It is something that rattles around in the attic upstairs from my mouth from time to time, we have a good idea (scientifically) how planets/suns are formed, even our own solar system, and the process is nothing short of miraculous even when explained with theory down to the atom, and this wondering is what inspired this… (and probably more down the proverbial road)

sky space dark galaxy
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atlas” 11.29.2018

might I have witnessed

the dawning of the sun

that first light of birth

not the first light of man

of the sun’s first brush upon the earth,

the faint slight of life

an idea born in that light

gathered up from prior night

to behold

first chapter told

of this, our magnificent tome

I am fascinated by space and in particular the SETI project, so here is some links regarding that for further consumption

Cukoo for Kaku  (Michio Kaku talks about SETI)

music : S.E.T.I. The Geometry of Night (ambient / spacey)

So obviously I picked the birth of it all… what did you pick ? and I wonder what that says about us all…

(thoughts, comments, follows, baked goods and film suggestions are always appreciated)

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