Once upon an elitist…

Once upon an elitist…

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Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

I must admit, without embarrassment, that I was once quite the elite snob, we here in the northeast US surely think we are better than “fly over country” or certainly more sophisticated than “the bible belt“… these days, I am not so arrogant to look down upon the other folks of this country (or world) and check my arrogance at the door (or with the cute coat check girl, hey a guy can hit out his league sometimes), but anyway, there is a definite palpable bias on the coasts, and definitely a bias against religious folks (especially christians), but for me it is simple… if I am so damn supremely better than “x” do I have the answers ?  (humble pie to the face insert here, or kick to the nads, whatever floats yer minnow).  So these days I sort of laugh and/or feel bad for what I used to be, and what I see all over the place here in the Tri-State area (in local parlance that is NY NJ CT, sorry PA), I guess my perspective has changed examining the long game, do I think I am better than some people ?  sure… got to be honest there, it is a walk, a destination to shed what got me here, clothing is comfort, being naked is well… naked.  I am trying to get there.  So anyway, my thoughts on elite behavior led to this little musing… (and I was in a serious dry spell, well, ok, not that serious but my writing has been so furious that a hiatus seems serious when it was probably just superfluous… so without further … further… (curtains pull back)

elite room with a view” 11.29.2018

from on high the ivory tower

declarations decreed on the sound of hours

descend on down invisible ladder

a yoke upon the nary ants scrambling around

their petty lives thrive for the direction

to be passed on down

by a higher same


so rather catapults and siege

there is a courteous bow to the elite

on clouds enshrined

in an ivory spire

self appointed lieges

bloated, drunk with power

notes… not much here in hiding me thinks, but I thank… you. for reading. comments and critique is always appreciated.  feel free to re-post as long as you give this host the total most credit… or else you will wake up with a third nipple… call it the mummy’s curse.

music…  a friend of mine recently went out to red rocks to see a perfect circle… (jealous!), here is one of my faves doing a song @ red rocks, he usually is a DJ only but this particular tour/album he did a live band thing (this is live audio folks….respect)…

Tycho – Division at Red Rocks (Official Audio)


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