The Circle, life gives you chances.

The Circle, life gives you chances.

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I didn’t work my usual marathon today (I didn’t exactly have an easy day mind you) but, I met back up with someone I trained (at a store) two years ago, it was like a time machine, she had that on me, total surprise, she’s young, it is not a thing like that, but sometimes you just run into someone who reminds you of the fire of life, this was one of those moments, in Harlem of all places (when we previously met in Valley Cottage), life is strange, and all circles, maybe I should be more… observant and active in it. Sometimes you just connect with a certain person, for whatever reason, enjoy the moment, they are special, we had that fun and now the universe brought us back together… so damn strange…

That said.. here is some simple thoughts…


where were you

when you were gone

but more to the heart –

where are you now?


you are

all the more

I could ever

ask for

NOTE: sort of my groove on Haiku… feel wise.

I have posted this one before, but so what, this is what I am jamming to, you’ll get over it..

Screaming Trees – Nearly Lost You

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