Sometimes a name…

Sometimes a name…


the photo is from the intersection (well, slightly before it) of E 127th st and First Ave in NYC… OK, Anne Leibovitz I am not… but I thought it looked cool and throwing my phone up in an instant isn’t exactly my forte (or a good way to get a composed shot obviously)… but the double lights looked interesting and artsy, so you know, I went for it…  But back to my original thought, again, I am always banging the drum we take things around for granted that are certainly strange or cool.. or whatever, one of those things is a park.  I have always wanted to steal the sign of this park (as you pass it when you get onto the FDR north from many points in NYC)… well, the park is called (and I ain’t kidding)


now… I understand the sentiment as crack was a plague on inner cities in the 80s… but the execution of the sentiment is utterly amusing to me, and to put said slogan on an official looking park sign is just begging for theft (of same).  There is no way some kid playing at crack park even knows what the hell crack is… this is a great example of how the current time (at the time) seems so damn important and permanent… but yet is so fleeting like the spring snow of dandelions blowing through in a window of weeks, and then gone, all life is like that, how do we reconcile that?  I’m not sure, I am trying, my mind is grinding on it, to act in the now but also act for the then… we all have the strength within but man it is tiring, I think… especially wrapped up in our daily lives, work, family, love… where does it end? but it does.  how do we fit it all in, the more important stuff?

scattered” 6.3.18

I am ashes

I am shadow

collected dust


by the slightest breeze,

I am fallow

a shadow,

wait, I realize

a shadow is caused by substance,


I must be

no longer

in fact

I am no more

I’m scattered

to the four.

music.. long form tonight folks.  to say I am a gamer is sort of a weird thing, I grew up on original NES and arcade stuff, so… I still have all my original systems and love MAME…  there is a band that actually plays the soundtracks of classics (I can argue THE classics) while someone plays them… so it hits all my nerd chords to a tee… retro gaming – check, geekdom – check, guitar – check…

Bit Brigade – Megaman 2 @ Magfest X

To me this is just amazing … and cool, sue me, pool me, fool me I love it.

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