An observation (I am a plastic bag).

An observation (I am a plastic bag).

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Sometimes work saps the sap of life out of me (just jam the damn syrup spigot in my back already)… 2 days into the week and nearly 24 hours of work hours logged can do that, so I am beat like that plastic bag on the highway that keeps getting passed (unmercifully) car to car, under tires, sometimes head on, I feel like I am tumbling out of control head over heels into traffic (why am I programmed to work so damn hard?)… and like that bag I am no good for my (immediate) environment, I want to defuse myself and live… but life is not that simple as my typed words, years of behavior do not unravel and re-learn themselves in the blink of a blog, “it’s a process” … ugg, that almost makes me sick thinking it let alone typing it, but what else can I do ?  360 in a day doesn’t happen, we all love the certain and known (I am surely no exception), but try and step back, well… do step back, sure it will be a bit  late most of the time, but not all the time, at least, that is where I am at, I can only speak for me, this one voice, this one vessel filled with all the unique and common experiences, how do we think like anyone else?  how can we?  is trying enough? or is failing better?  Just throwing things, cuffs off and all, just throwing things bouncing my inner walls…

companion” 8/13/2018

do I talk, when I dream

I do not know, you tell me

do I snore, when I sleep

I do not know, you tell me

my mate

my companion

you know more of me than me

from observation of my sleep

just one of my fave singers/songs live…

Eluveitie – Omnos (Acoustic)

Note: my posts are totally organic (except the poetry when date stamped), tonight I am totally exhausted but writing… it brought me some semblance, I thought about writing nothing, but… the muse took over, so the lesson, move over rover and let the muse take over….

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