Howl at the moon…

Howl at the moon…

silhouette of tree branch under white cloudy skies during nighttime
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The allure of the moon is quite separate from the actual fact of the moon… (scientifically speaking that is)… I almost feel cheated by the knowledge of what it is, imagine looking at the ancient skies with ancient eyes… and the wonder therein, but then again we still know so little of everything (even if we think we know so much, so so smart we are – being here just a blink of cosmic time).  But the moon is still an AMAZING thing even when defined… this lonely rock orbiting us as we orbit the sun… think about how we compartmentalize that as fact but it should be… a wonder, a miracle, an amazing testament to the amazement of the universe at large (even in this one galaxy in billions).  So, take pause, look up at our loyal friend, and remember what is actually going on hence, this massive rock (compared to our tiny frames) bound to us by an unseen force (I mean … think about that for a second, do you question gravity ?).. All this because I decided to post a moon poem I wrote a few months ago… the more I write, the more I wonder what guides my hand sometimes, if you would ask I would say I am agnostic, if I would ask I would say I am looking but evidence points to something, I wish I had the answer – so I continue searching.


half moon

what is your intent

half lit

obscured in mist


hazy moon

what do you portend

what is in store

if my fate is read


ascending moon

rising high

shape shifting shadows

traces of eyes –



hypnotic moon

you mesmerize

how long I stare

at this nightly sky


as you pass on by

a lonely witness

to my life.

close up of woman working
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notes… pretty self explanatory on this one, I was not going to post about this topic, I had some weird ideas I didn’t float, I was going to post about posting posthumously (I mean, who would know if you lined it up/scheduled your posts?), I also had an idea to throw out about starting a blog called “My Way” where people could post videos of their daily commutes (if it doesn’t exist already that is, your commute(s) say things about the places you live in I think, I think it would be a cool experiment, so if you steal the idea – at least credit me)… driving home tonight was horrendous, ok, it should have been awful but I was in such a good place mentally (honestly probably thanks to this outlet), I totally forgot about the upcoming American holiday Labor Day and took the GSP… oy, what a  mistake, but I pulled out of myself a little piece of realization, put on some good tunes and just smiled through the whole thing, getting pissed or angry would have solved zilch, traffic is what it is, so I took a deep breath and just sucked it in, I tried to people watch and see who was mad, who was going to the shore (ahem, everyone), or who was just doing whatever.  I got some dirty looks, honked at (as if I could go through the car in front of me), and the full array of reactions you might imagine.  I can’t say I would react this way every time… but, I should because we have to realize what is important in life, what matters, what we can control and what we can not, I implore you to do the same, so the world is a touch more tame, you will fail, so will I, I would love to tell you how perfect I am and how to live your life, but that’s garbahhje (as I would say with my Jersey accent), make an effort, in your own way (find your own way),  and thank you for reading… my way.

concert musique partition cle
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Musical accompaniment … ? some moon stuff (of course)

HumanMeshDance – Wet Moon

Black Moon – Cellar Darling

The first track is some deep ambient… from perhaps what I consider the best ambient album I have ever heard (so far)… maybe it was the time of my life, I don’t know, it resonates with me.  So turn it up or pop on the head phones / buds and chill (let your mind wander)…

the second track… well, I am going to see them in less than 2 weeks in Brooklyn and I am totally friggin geeked out about it… one of my new favorite bands  but a singer whom I absolutely absolutely love.. and she plays the hurdy gurdy like no one’s biz.

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