Switchel. heard of it?

Switchel. heard of it?

summer drinks drink still life
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

What in the heck ? So, as I have mentioned before I work for an NCR affiliate (short version I fix computers in supermarkets)… so… I get to sample some of the latest vendor offerings they are trying to peddle/sell in the local area.  (I usually stick to trying all sorts of the new drink offerings).  Yesterday I was up in north jersey (township of washington), this particular chain always has some cool new items, so I ran across (this) and decided to give it a whirl…  I gotta say, (first learning what the hell Switchel is), damn tasty, I don’t like anything too sweet (and I am allergic to chocolate, side note, when I tell people that (especially the ladies) they almost look like a small part of them died inside – it’s just chocolate people! – I guess I don’t understand)… anyway, I had the maple/ginger one, I like tart/sour things (like kombucha) and maple syrup is not too sugary/sweet… pretty interesting taste profile on this thing (with a little ginger kick as well).  Check it out if you see it… or make some switchel yourself.

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