Flagging down Blog readers.

Flagging down Blog readers.

photography of airplane during sunrise
Photo by Anugrah Lohiya on Pexels.com

For some reason today was analogy wodan’s day… I thought of my blog in some weird ways… like, what the hell is the point?  Do I have a target audience ?  Do I know what the hell I am doing in the first place?  Well clearly I am just trying to figure things out as I go down this yellow blogging brick road but as to the other stuff (thank you for your patience those on the entry level floor as this thing is only 4 months in).  At times I feel like those people at the airport with the light sticks directing planes, other times I feel like a fly fisherman trying to gently cast these tiny flies perfectly onto the gentle ripples to entice a bite, hell, other times I am just throwin’ chum into the water.  I guess I should just have faith that it will sort itself out, but my mind is a churning machine, it likes to work and let the demons speak (in tongues I suppose?)… how the hell do you fix that?  or do you?  or do you just… be… so easy to say, so damn easy to write, so damn hard to do… but you have to give the effort, give it a try.   Anyway, totally unrelated, here is something I wrote today, sort of tongue in cheek but touching serious themes.  It has been awhile since I posted something from my whimsical mind, if you go back and read my stuff there has been some more “light” stuff here and there, I can’t be the brooding boy all the time, that would be boring and leave you snoring (not good for blog readers, I heard)…

futile duel” 8.29.2018

fear –

you dastardly fiend

you perceived thief

I am through with you

I throw down the glove –

you look amused

but I am quite serious,

I endeavor to end this (and you)
I’m quite tired of your ever presence

and yet you seem like you have done this before


so the appointed day approaches

pleasantries exchanged in formal courses


ten paces drawn

I draw quick – and fire

waiting for the hit – or, a hit on my person,

but nothing

as if ever, nothing

and I hear your coy laughter


your experience – matters.


many years from that day

and I feel the dud thud of pain

I collapse (but smile),

those around in a panic about the matter

and then it hits again,

the laughter.

abstract art burnt color
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

notes… I used the word “dastardly“, admit it, you’re officially jealous…

music…. hmm, I have to say this is what I was listening to all day (totally unrelated to the post, just what I was jammin’ out to on this crazy hot melt down of a day…)

Faun – Walpurgisnacht

German Folk Music (the english name is Walpurgis Night)… I know – you may doubt folk music being totally awesome, but listen to the chorus section at about :47 and tell me it doesn’t rule…

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