Life and the cosmos…

Life and the cosmos…

silhouette of person
Photo by Raman deep on

 “the edge of the earth” 4/25/18

I am standing at the edge of the earth

ready to step off

into the universe

maybe our current existence

is actually a flat surface,

so I might fall

into dimensions

of curved comprehensions,

of life

travel back

future past

or perhaps beyond time

subsiding on another string

extending consciousness

by some other means.

I think about life… and death.  I have no memory of any life before mine so am I destined to be just a grain of sand… who disperses into the nothingness of the vast ocean of the universe ?

life began as a proton having a menage a trois with some electrons leading to a single cell organism living happily in a puddle of chemical muck of amino acid building blocks… and then that single thing decides to replicate (as we all want to do but amoebas did not believe in birth control apparently)…  eventually pull itself from the slime (some millions of years later) and climb onto the land … and suddenly has the choice of a galaxy or an iphone.. truly evolution.

for this poem I am invoking a bunch of science… I am saying we could be ‘flat’ not referring to Flat earth belief… but that we think in 3D when there are other dimensions out there.. so we would appear flat to something in a 4D universe (I am also referencing string theory), I know, heady stuff… but I if we just live and die.. what is the point ?  I want to believe there is more… we all do.. some have religion.. some have science… I have nothing… I am still looking, hoping, searching…

music?   Living Colour “Cult of Personality” … this song rings true for decades… plus Vernon is just one bad ass guitar player.

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