Obvious (sort of)

Obvious (sort of)

Take a Walk in the Woods. Doctor’s Orders (NY Times article).

trees in park
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

now… I don’t claim to be some svengali or genius… but getting out into nature seems like a pretty natural thing.  Interesting read but I think it misses the main point… getting away from the grind of the common everyday gears we are party to in our “normal” lives (those of us who are not independently wealthy or write as a hobby not work).  My zen is totally getting off the grid (OK.. not that far, I’m not a savage ya’ know) but at least far enough to feel like you are somewhere else (at least until a plane flies over).   The routine of work can be just that… a routine which leads to boredom/samedom/dumbdom/doldrums… even as busy as my job is, sometimes it feels all the same, and honestly going to work in a cubicle in a converted warehouse probably is not the ideal human situation (but hey, I need to pay the bills and buy truly dumb stuff).   So I guess it is a question of balance.  I’m not saying I have mastered it.. damn far from it… the blog helps, it is an outlet but… I can do better to be the real me I think (well, I know, but the effort seems counter intuitive at times… but then time passes and you realize you’re just being an ass worrying about stuff that doesn’t matter)… I am human, I can’t say I wish I was something else, I just wish wisdom came in bite size and I could have consumed more along the way…

back yard” 5.27.18

all these leaves

apartment complex of trees

they are only seasonal tenants

to soon all gone

back down into the world

until next spring

when new tenants

once again

move in

games” 4/7/18

robins and jays play stratego

for sky and place

the jays are sky dwellers

robins roam the ‘scape

the board is set

the game is framed

timeless battle

so, engage

So… I thought about not posting any music as I was having trouble coming up with some linking idea, but as usual the me pulled through: “Nature’s Girl” – The Jelly Jam, Ty Tabor is the reason I ever picked up a guitar in the first place.

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