the have knots…

the have knots…

grayscale photo of rope on log
Photo by Bella White on

the have knots…

life as a string, or a yard of rope, rarely a straight unedited line, in fact I might not trust a straight piece, or a new piece might not catch my ear from advice, I would like to think I am of a different stretch – the have knots, bumps in the road, reminders, regrets, mistakes, triumphs, a complicated mess of string, a series of memories tied up with life in between, in some way, they hold this all together, the frayed ends, a matter of design of the human mind and experience, the tangled chance holds the tougher circumstance, without those this would be just a single rope, speeding straight along, and maybe since I have never seen this, or experienced just that, twisted in and under and back around, the journey makes the between linear so profound, and perhaps eventually I will not be able to escape a knot and that will be my undoing, but until then I will prefer, to dwell among you, the have knots…

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