sea glass… (a metaphor for us, for you, perhaps)

sea glass… (a metaphor for us, for you, perhaps)

frozen wave against sunlight
Photo by Hernan Pauccara on

“sea glass”

might I liken myself to sea glass, at once in the womb, a protected part of the greater whole, ejected out into the world, quite suddenly, my link to all I knew for those nine months, severed, cut, quite literally of course, not that I recall, but I am sure it had to happen that way, I mean, I took sex ed, I am here as well, as far as I can tell, I’m not the first, not the last, not even sure what number on the human bell curve I might grade out at, so here I am, cast, cast out into the vast ocean, rolling around in the surf, sometimes quite calm sitting on the bottom, perhaps buried in silt sleeping time away, tumbling around in the tide, slowly but quite surely the water and action are taking the edge of sharpness from my sides, grains of sand scrape across my eyes, blurring my vision over time, the pace at which these things happen feels like a slow fall, or feels like nothing at all, just perpetual tide working to grind me on down, smooth edges now, all these years down all these roads, paths in sand, driven by an unseen hand, preparing to deposit me on the shore, one day, to see the sun one last time, before I am left to disappear in that desert dune just beyond the tide, becoming just another particle of sand along with those of before and forward those I will never know.

the moment: so there was a fire in the warehouse next to ours, just a fire, lots of commotion, the fire chief actually backed into my car causing about a grand in damage, didn’t say a word at the time, but we have cameras trained on the back lot, in the process of containing the fire one fireman was walking along the building with a metal pike, the purpose? to break all the windows, I wonder how he got that sweet job, the other guys were up on the roof and what not battling the fire, this guy gets to play whack-a-mole with windows, anyway, off that tangent, I was walking past the boarded up mess today, and the glass was still there on the neglected lawn, shimmering in the sunlight, and the above metaphor type thing just populated my brain, so that is the genesis of this little sprite of inspiration…

hey !  all thoughts, aspersions, and comments are always appreciated… as are killer side dishes, seriously, I love to cook, especially with hot hot chilies

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