lost. love. letters.

lost. love. letters.

black bird perching on concrete wall with ocean overview
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

in decay
I can feel your breath
on the back my hand
as I caress your cheek
your stark black hair framed
in soft white light you exist
my angel
everything I need to know
you tell my with your eyes
everything I ever needed
my love
in bed, on my side
just staring into your eyes
this is all I ever wanted
this moment is all I ever had
for a dream once real
this feels of then
don’t let me wake
let this be my death

*part of an ongoing series, my heart beat as it were, if you like this then please check out the rest (scroll down a hair)… thanks for all looks, likes, comments, all that. oh, and yeah, line 9 is not a typo, it is there because I let words out for the reader to fill in… “my …”  when you are expecting “me” there, just sayin…

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