New Jersey : a moment…

New Jersey : a moment…

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so I drive up to the drive up atm tonight, to deposit my check, from last week, pretty normal stuff here, of course, of course the atm is closed (more specifically unavailable), why? why? sure, I know today is a fed holiday but I just want to deposit a check fer crissake (a little cash pull out wouldn’t have hurt either), so I pull around the other side to use the walk up atm, I park, and immediately I am flanked by another car, SUV actually, obnoxiously that came in the wrong way against the one way disturbing my vibe, but at least they didn’t park on top of my ass, so I pop out, to get my business done, this atm has problems too but deposits ain’t one of them (so the screen says), I log in, cover my code, and lo and behold, the deposit button is not available, ya gotta’ be kiddin’ me, so, struck out as it were, and I wasn’t going for three, the person, a guy, hops out of the caddy escalade, I try to be a nice guy, “hey man, this ATM is not working, the one around the corner either”, as to not waste his time, his answer, well question, flummoxed me, “WHY?” he says, looking at me pretty hard for an answer, now, I am not sure if this gentleman does not realize, I certainly am not an employee of Wells Fargo, not eight at night, not walking away from an ATM and flagging him down, so I managed a “it just is, no cash, no deposit, you can’t do anything on it man”, again, without pause and a stern straight gaze, “WHY?” wtf is with this guy, so I just shrug and get back to my car, of course I hang out for a bit pretending to play with my phone, but watching live in my mirrors, I had to make sure that his trip to the ATM ended just as mine, it did, I drove off oddly satisfied, at least he had fair warning… why?

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