a couple of prayers…

a couple of prayers…

black and white photo of clocks
Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on Pexels.com

a prayer to know
when is the time
to surrender to life
when is the time
to conquer this life
and to then know and tend
the vast grounds between

a prayer for the small birds
whose confidence I can not seem to garner
for may they find what they need
in this coming barren season
although there is no need
for I see them every spring

notes… for those who might be new to peruse my blog,  I use ‘prayer’ in the non religious sense, if you want to use it in the religious sense, cool, I have no problem with that, I think everyone looks to the sky at some point and asks for something sometime, I was an atheist once upon a time but these days I want to believe there is something else but have to accept the possibility there is nothing and I will simply disappear from all existence when I am gone, there is no hope in that end, so I choose hope over logic in that regard, does it quell my mind and fears ? no… but it is better than utter despair, so that is where I am at, prayer is not a harmful thing, try not to make it selfish, I think that is the right ring… (and I do post other ‘prayer’ works, check out my collections & series page).


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