when life gives you apples… (a story tied to a hurricane )

when life gives you apples… (a story tied to a hurricane )

yellow apples
Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

ginger gold
for such as the ocean hath reached the land
and scorched with tide by god’s own hand
for fierce camille stormed in from the coast
and brought forthwith the entire gulf
through these valleys that became the sea
countless washed past these winesap trees,
but amidst this rip in nelson county tract
from this ripe new wound so would emerge
a fruit pure golden and brightly new
so forever we are reminded true
of dear old clyde and his wife
this plot of earth, the loss of life
for from the mud and roots up torn
that golden apple took up form,
to you, I raise my ginger gold
to you rise! from that dire stance
this fruit of hope, so behold –
so began, the ginger gold.

notes… so this has a lot of footnotes, or links as they are these days, in short I am fascinated by hurricanes and dorian is  no exception (I called it floyd 2.0 days ago), I took a look back at the 1969 hurricane season which is a historical one, it produced camille which devastated the gulf coast with a 27 foot (confirmed, probably higher) storm surge, this is a mirror for what happened in the bahamas, so one of the things the storm (camille)  produced, outside of the devastation, was the discovery of a new (since popular) varietal of apples, survivors of the massive flooding that killed over 150 people discovered it in the wake of all that tragedy.  The rest, well, that should be obvious I hope, and all power to the muse as I wrote this all today in almost one stroke…

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