lost. love. letters. (haiku edition, short and sweet)

lost. love. letters. (haiku edition, short and sweet)

lighted candles on cupcakes
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

a birthday candle
made upon one selfish wish
a moment with her

notes… and so the pining does muster on, I’d like to pretend I don’t think about things, and how I might make them different, and all the other fantasies in my mind, but I will always remain hopeful, as the random tide of the world brought us together once, maybe there is sequel in there somewhere (and not a rewrite with bad actors), I am a cork in the river in that way, letting the universe work things out, I am not sure if that is the right approach, when it comes to such things I am not sure about much… at all…


>>> Second Self – Red October

underrated… much like me… my humor is subtle, you have to trust me on that front, these guys almost made it, like a lot of bands, they had the goods but just didn’t “hit” enough for the label to push them at the time, they are still around (the guys, not the band) in various forms… or so I am told…

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