Driving, traffic… and things…

Driving, traffic… and things…

action asphalt automobile automotive
Photo by Taras Makarenko on Pexels.com

the drive
birds crossing cross
against the misty mountain fog
a flag draped over an overpass
yes, the fourth is certainly approaching
all the vague forms in the distance
seem like hypnotic suggestions
to my subconscious
or active lucid imagination
outlines, fragments, geometry
for me to fill in
“looks like rain” I think
as thought becomes motion
the drops, large by standards
thud ka-thud thud on my windshield
intermittent wipers, pause
they will do for now
the miles all seem the twins
only the signs tell me the state I’m in
numbers… 156, 152, 145
plotted on a graph, asphalt, cracks
mile markers like minutes on by
patches to cover the ravages of age
and seasons
the constant beating, the humming
of rubber drones on roads, spinning, humming
at various rates of speed
some under, some over
I pass the state police
with no appointment met today
I look for license plates
from other states
to plot a trip, or remember one taken
local geography
the occasional one from west of the mississippi
holds my attention, interest
for that fleeting second
on my drive

notes… something I wrote back @ the end of June, totally forgot about it, one of those I wrote that I liked immediately, in fact this has no alterations from my original scribbling, usually I squabble over a word here or there, maybe some punctuation for meter or something, but nah, this is exactly as I wrote it

Music ?  sort of a guilty 90’s pleasure but they were really a great band (for a flash in time)

>>>> Badlands – Hard Driver

and I would be remiss, a fool, or a dope if not to thank you for your looks, likes, hates, spit filled takes, it’s all good (I just waved to you in a gracious manner, I swear)

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