allegory, damn I love that word…

allegory, damn I love that word…

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“I feel like a lost traveler
a wanderer
holding a lantern up against the darkness
stumbling toward the cliff
I can only see with which
the light I was given
only through these eyes
piloted through my perception
I hear the rumors of others
I happen upon their remains, their works, their names
even then there is no clear path
ahead laid out before me
in this wilderness
so I must trust in the light
that something is out there worth
this endless search
from foot falls foot to own
I travel on
upon my road”

tonight’s musical extravaganza ?  funny you should ask..

>>> Tiamat  -Brighter than the Sun

sometimes I need me some goth/doom/metal stuff… but really is this that different from some David Bowie stuff ? nah… open your mind, and ears, I have vast tastes and intend to share them regardless of futility, damn the borg, they got nothing on me…

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