all in the details…

all in the details…

photo of blue sky
Photo by Elia Clerici on

“unremarkable sky
your exquisiteness is my breath
a time capsule
from within I will pass all my own
the thin blue horizon which protects
this very breath
held tightly
against this earth
by means we understand
by eons we can not comprehend”

notessemi related to my last post, kind of a reminder that wonder is all around us (and I don’t just mean the bread), I wrote this in my head on the way to work in the car, which is annoying, I really get anxiety trying to recite lines back to myself and hope I remember them when I get to the office (if traffic is not murder I can not scribble things down at 75 mph you know), and I am just not good at dictating to my phone, it just.. I don’t know, the pen is my friend and is the one I take to the dance…

Suggested music: Humanmeshdance – Infinity

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